• self-help books to read

    Poll: Choose a Non-Fiction Book

    Which of these books (I’m Happy for You (Sort Of… Not Really) by Kay Wills Wyma, Humilitas by John Dickson, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens… { keep reading }

  • Water clocks girl writing endings novel

    What Alice Through the Looking Glass teach us about Endings

    Spoiler alert: Since we’re covering endings, there will be a huge spoiler included.   Recently, I saw Alice Through the Looking Glass. Though the storyline… { keep reading }

  • microbiologist world-threatening disease guy in tuxedo read books contemporary romance

    Book Review: The Reclusive Billionaire by Lucy McConnell

      Genre: Contemporary Romance You’ll like this if you like: Sweet, Passionate Romances, Honorable Heroes, Beards (the hero has one, but it’s not a bushy… { keep reading }

  • They say real flowers are prettier than simulated ones. Write the story.

    Writing Prompt: Simulated Flowers

    Before participating in this writing prompt and writing the next part of the story, please read the writing prompt rules. Writing Prompt: They say real flowers are… { keep reading }

  • book pages dark writing

    4 Tips for Perfecting Your Paragraphs

      Paragraphs might sound like an insignificant, nit-picky aspect of writing to focus on. So why would I devote an entire blog post to them?… { keep reading }

  • Book reviews with american pop star girl and Australian body guard guitar

    Book Review: Ehvah After by Rose Dee (Giveaway!)

    Genre: Contemporary Romance You’ll like this if you like: Australia, Diabolical Aunts, Mystery, and Body Guards. Cleanliness: There is one point where the girl borrows… { keep reading }

  • Reading glasses folded on a book with blank white background

    Poll: Kindle Versus Physical Books

    Do you prefer to read on a Kindle or an actual book? And how do you read most of the time? What Do You Prefer… { keep reading }

  • Camera clarity in focus Priorities God

    Focusing on What Matters Most

    A perfectly functioning camera is capable of taking both good pictures and bad ones. If the camera is focused on the right things, it takes… { keep reading }

  • non-fiction book on marriage

    Book Review: The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

    The Five Love Languages is centered around the idea that everyone has a love tank. When someone’s love tank is empty, problems occur, and they become depressed,… { keep reading }

  • Bus as I'm dying I realize, they were right. Write this story.

    Writing Prompt: They Were Right

    Please read the writing prompt rules for instructions on how to participate (if you haven’t already). Writing Prompt: But as I’m dying, I realize: They… { keep reading }

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