• God Faith Love

    Waiting For the Right Guy

    Today, I’d like to share a few excerpts with you from the 2nd chapter in Hannah Duggan’s bible study, Dare Greatly. I don’t know about what you,… { keep reading }

  • Medieval Time Travel Romance War of Roses

    Book Review: Lady Ever After: A Medieval Time Travel Romance by Tamara Leigh

    Genre: Medieval Time Travel Romance You’ll like this if you like: Time Travel, Enemy Turned Lover Stories, or Second-Chance Stories. Cleanliness: After the hero and heroine… { keep reading }

  • Fantasy Magic Polls Beauty and the Beast Doctor Strange

    Poll: Magic Mirror or Cloak of Levitation?

    If you could have the Magic Mirror from Beauty and the Beast, which allows you to see anything or anyone you wish, or the Cloak of… { keep reading }

  • Paper Reading

    Question: Book Design

    Before I was writing seriously and trying to get my own book published, I never considered the work that would go into the design of the… { keep reading }

  • Dystopian Speculative

    Book Review: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

    Genre: Dystopian You’ll like this if you like: “What If” Stories, Thought-Provoking Books, or Reading. 😉 Favorite Profound Quote: “Fiction is a lie that tells… { keep reading }

  • Favorite book quotes stack of books

    Favorite Book Quotes

    What’s your favorite quote from a book? Or a quote you like from a book review? . . .

  • God, Faith, Failure

    Failures Into Stepping Stones

    Earlier this year, I attended a leadership school called TeenPact, where they teach teenagers about the government and politics. During the week you attend, you… { keep reading }

  • Contemporary Romance Told You Series Book 2

    Told You Twice (Told You Series Book 2) by Kristen Heitzmann

    Genre: Contemporary Romance You’ll like this if you like: Sizzling Romance, a Charming, Playboy Hero, or Assassination Attempts. Cleanliness: The hero, Bo, contemplates taking the heroine… { keep reading }

  • Polls fantasy

    Poll: Dragon or an Elf?

    If you had to be a dragon or an elf, which would you be? I would rather be a… . . .

  • clipboard schedules

    What’s Your Schedule Like?

    While I don’t have a chronic scheduling problem anymore, I still keep a very strict daily schedule, but you guys already know plenty about my… { keep reading }

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