• Contemporary Christian Romance

    Nowhere Carolina (Southern Discomfort Book 2) by Tamara Leigh

    Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance You’ll like this if you like: Characters with a Complicated Past, a Brooding Hero with an Artistic Streak, or a Comical Hunt… { keep reading }

  • Useless super power

    Question: Useless Super Power

    If you could have any useless super power, what would it be? (“Useless,” as in you probably couldn’t save the world or stop any super… { keep reading }

  • Books

    My 2016 Reading List

    After reading how Louis L’amour kept a list of the books he read each year in Education of a Wandering Man, I decided to do the same,… { keep reading }

  • Fantasy Poll

    Poll: Favorite Type of Fantasy

    What’s your favorite type of fantasy? Check out the Lands Uncharted What is Fantasy? post to find out the different kinds. Favorite Type of Fantasy? .… { keep reading }

  • God, Faith, Trials

    When Things Don’t Work Out Like They’re “Supposed To”

    “I’ve fought so hard to be your faithful daughter. I wanted so badly to make you proud, Father, to make the best decision, using all… { keep reading }

  • Contemporary Christian Romance

    Book Review: Leaving Carolina (Southern Discomfort Book 1) by Tamara Leigh

    Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance You’ll like this if you like: Flawed, Ex-Military Heroes, Scandalous Secrets, or a Career-Driven Heroine Who Doesn’t Think She Can Get Caught… { keep reading }

  • Propose twice prompt romance writing

    Writing Prompt: Proposing Twice

    What’s the story behind this prompt? “Real men propose twice.”   Do you guys have any suggestions for writing prompts? . . .

  • Faith God Trials

    Being a Backseat Driver

    Recently, I’ve been working through a trial. I’ve been praying, keeping a humble spirit and an open heart, and above all, I’ve been seeking God… { keep reading }

  • Historical Period Old Book

    Poll: Which Historical Period is Your Favorite?

    Which Historical Period is Your Favorite? Did I miss any of your favorite historical periods? . . .

  • Opportunity, Trials

    Light Shines Brightest in Darkness

    Pain, my constant companion, the darkness of my soul. Waves tossing and turning, crashing as they roll. Dark waters fail to fill the void, though… { keep reading }