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    Poll: Unusual College Majors

    If you could only major in one of these, which would you choose? Unusual College Majors . . .

  • Why you need more time than you think to finish your projects.

    The Planning Fallacy

      The planning fallacy, first proposed by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky in 1979, is a phenomenon in which predictions about how much time will be… { keep reading }

  • YA Romantic Fantasy

    Book Review: Unblemished by Sara Ella

    Genre: YA Romantic Fantasy You’ll like this if you like: Stories Where Imperfections Become Strengths, an Unexpected Love Interest, or Addictive YA Novels. Cleanliness: It’s mentioned… { keep reading }

  • Prom Bucket List

    Prom Bucket List

    What’s on your prom bucket list? What things have you always wanted to do for prom? (For example: to drive to prom in a limo, to… { keep reading }

  • Happiness, Jealousy

    3 Ways to Be Happy For Others

    Being happy for others is hard.  It’s how we gets books with titles like: I’m Happy For You (Sort Of… Not Really).  Recently, I got second place at… { keep reading }

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    Poll: Daylight Saving’s

    How do you like Daylight Saving’s? Do you like Daylight Saving’s? . . .

  • God's Way, God's Will, I'm so lost

    Which Way is God’s Way?

    In a previous post, I’ve said that the things I face in life are God’s decisions, not mine. I was freaking out over making the… { keep reading }

  • Contemporary Christian Romance

    Book Review: Restless in Carolina (Southern Discomfort Book 3) by Tamara Leigh

    Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance You’ll like this if you like: A Romantic Interest with a Complicated, Mysterious History, Love Triangles (Where Both Love Interests Have Hidden… { keep reading }

  • Polls

    Poll: Singing or Dancing?

    Do you prefer singing or dancing? And what do you think the next poll should be about? Do You Prefer Singing or Dancing? . .… { keep reading }

  • Teenagers, Honor your father and mother, 5th commandment

    What Should Be Your Top Priority in Life (Especially If You’re a Teen)

    I searched online for books about teenagers honoring their parents. Know how many I found? Zero, and for good reason: there’s not really an audience… { keep reading }

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