• Quill Pen Ink

    The Title of Your Autobiography

    If you wrote an autobiography, what would you title it? Here are a few ideas I’ve brainstormed for my own over the past year: The… { keep reading }

  • Wisdom

    The 4 Keys to Wisdom

    I hide like buried treasure in a field Until my splendid riches are revealed More precious than silver or gold Only for a price am… { keep reading }

  • Quotes

    Favorite Quotes

    What are your favorite quotes? Are there any you’d like to see me post? . . .

  • Optimism, Faith

    Being a True Optimist

    “Proof” that Optimism Doesn’t Work If you’ll recall, a few weeks ago I went to Speech and Debate Nationals. I poured everything I had into… { keep reading }

  • Romantic Suspense

    Book Review: The Negotiator (O’Malley Book 1) by Dee Henderson

    Genre: Romantic Suspense You’ll like this if you like: A Stubborn Heroine Requiring the Protection of a Hero, Mystery Involving Murder and the Heroine’s Past,… { keep reading }

  • Fantasy Poll

    Poll: Favorite Fantasy Creature

    What’s your favorite fantasy creature? Favorite Fantasy Creature . . .

  • Faith, Peace

    Giving God All

    Sometime last year, I had a crush. It was a weird crush mainly because I didn’t want it. Though I liked this guy as a… { keep reading }

  • Writing Prompt Paper Pen

    Create Your Own Writing Prompt

    I know some of my readers enjoy writing prompts, so today, I thought I’d give you guys a shot at making one. Have you ever thought of… { keep reading }

  • Silence, God, Faith, Why is God silent?

    The Silence of God

    A while ago, I was texting this guy. So begins many a teenage girl’s story. I’d asked a question, and I was waiting for his… { keep reading }

  • Medieval Romance Book Giveaway

    Book Review and Giveaway: The Vexing (Age of Faith Book 6) by Tamara Leigh

    Genre: Medieval Romance You’ll like this if you like: Strong, Honorably, Formerly-Immoral Heroes, Adventure, or Hate-to-Love Romantic Relationships. Cleanliness: The heroine initiates a kiss with… { keep reading }

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