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    Poll: Paintball, Airsoft, or Nerf?

    Of paintball, Airsoft, and Nerf, what’s your weapon and game of choice? Game of Choice: . . .

  • Forest at Sunset

    Remembering the Big Picture

    Says many a motivational poster. We’ve heard phrases like “planning ahead” and “looking at the big picture.” Books like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective… { keep reading }

  • redeeming_ebook, medieval romance

    Book Review: The Redeeming by Tamara Leigh (Age of Faith Book 3)

    Genre: Medieval Romance You’ll like this if you like: Forgiveness, Heroines Falling in Love with Disguised Heroes, or Forbidden Love that’s Not Actually Forbidden. Cleanliness: Even before… { keep reading }

  • Superheroes, Polls, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman

    Poll: Wonder Woman, Batman, or Superman?

    Following last week’s trend, today we have another superhero poll. Of Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman, which is your favorite superhero? Favorite Super Hero: .… { keep reading }

  • God, Faith, Spiritual Growth

    Trusting God’s Voice–How I Got an Idea For an Allegory

    Recently, I was outlining a new story to post on WattPad. It was going great. I’d outlined most of it, loved the concept, and even… { keep reading }

  • Avengers, Polls

    Iron Man or Captain America?

    Between Captain America and Iron Man, who’s you’re favorite Avenger? Iron Man or Captain America . . .

  • Spiritual Growth

    Regrets (Part 2): Spiritual

    Last week, we looked at physical regrets, and this week, we’ll be looking at spiritual regrets.   I’ll make a mistake out of arrogance or… { keep reading }

  • yielding_ebook, medieval romance, Tamara Leigh

    Book Review: The Yielding (Age of Faith Book 2) by Tamara Leigh

    Genre: Medieval Romance You’ll like this if you like: a Revenge-Bent Hero (if you’d like to read about a Revenge-Bent Heroine, go back a book), Enemies… { keep reading }

  • Polls, left brain, right brain

    Poll: Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

    Are you left or right brained? Left or Right Brained? . . .

  • God, Regrets, Faith

    Regrets (Part 1): Physical

    In preparation for the Speak-Up Conference I’m attending, I was required to write a speech about this bible verse: “Brothers and sisters, I do not… { keep reading }

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