• YA Fantasy Romance

    The King’s Cursed Bride: Chapter 57 Sneak Peak

    The men left her alone. In a matter of hours, a sickness had settled over her lungs. Now she not only spewed blood when she… { keep reading }

  • YA Fantasy Romance

    The King’s Cursed Bride: Bleeding Out Sneak Peek

    A shove from behind sent her sprawling forward, and her bones shrieked with pain—but it was a cry only she could hear. As Carissa fell… { keep reading }

  • Fantasy Writing Wedding Books Stories

    Fantasy World Wedding Traditions

    To discover the importance of weddings, you only need to take a leisurely stroll through Pinterest, and you’ll soon happen upon images of teased hairstyles,… { keep reading }

  • The King's Cursed Bride, Romance

    Best Couple Name for Viltus and Carissa

                                  What Do You Think is the Best Couple Name for… { keep reading }

  • Growth, Principles

    Sticking to Your Principles

    The other day, my little sister and a friend of mine were talking about how they loved to stay up late. “Yeah, but I always… { keep reading }

  • longing_ebook, medieval romance

    Book Review: The Longing by Tamara Leigh (Age of Faith Book 5)

    Genre: Medieval Romance You’ll like this if you like: A Past Rife with Pain (and Perceived Betrayal), Assassination Attempts, or Court Intrigue. Cleanliness: They kiss.… { keep reading }

  • WattPad Featured List

    Featured WattPad Story

    Today, The King’s Cursed Bride got selected to be a Featured Wattpad story. That essentially means it was hand-picked by one of the Wattpad team members… { keep reading }

  • Medieval Romance Giveaway

    Congratulations to Amber for Winning the Lady Betrayed Giveaway!

    Thank you for entering the Lady Betrayed giveaway, Amber! I’m sure you’ll enjoy Tamara’s book as much as I have 😉   I’m hoping to host… { keep reading }

  • The King's Cursed Bride Cover Redesign

    New Cover Design for the King’s Cursed Bride

    As I’m searching for a cover designer to give The King’s Cursed Bride the cover it deserves, I decided to do my own little revamping… { keep reading }

  • Faith, God, Dreams

    “What does God want me to do?”

    “What does God want me to do?” A little girl asked me this question when I was counseling at a week-long summer camp for elementary-age… { keep reading }

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