Regrets (Part 2): Spiritual

Spiritual Growth

Last week, we looked at physical regrets, and this week, we’ll be looking at spiritual regrets.


I’ll make a mistake out of arrogance or rebellion and let it plague me for years. For example, once me and the other girls in a small group were discussing where we’d live if not the U.S. A friend of mine said she’d live in Australia.

I scoffed and thought this was a perfect opportunity to show-off what I’d found out in my last research paper: “Don’t dangerous creatures live there? Like Brazilian Wandering Spiders?”

My friend frowned. “…don’t those live in Brazil?”

It might seem like a small thing now, but for years, I felt completely ashamed, because I knew where my heart was. It wasn’t just a comment made out of carelessness; it was downright arrogant.

I have dozens of instances that I can remember in my mind’s eyes with painful clarity, instances that have revealed my character—or lack thereof. What makes these hard to forget is that you’re not the only one who remembers. Other people often suffer the consequences of your mistakes, and they make sure you don’t forget.

Being remorseful and learning from our mistakes is good, but our sins are no longer our burdens to shoulder. They’re God’s. After we change our behavior, guilt becomes useless.

God completely forgets our sins after we ask for forgiveness. Maybe it’s time we learn to forgive ourselves.

Whenever I’m tempted to dwell on my regrets, I remember that I simply don’t have time to let my past mar my future. God has better things in store for me, and I refuse to let my regrets get in the way.

In the end, it’s our choice: we can either let what’s behind us become a hindrance or we can strain for what’s ahead.


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