Book Review and Giveaway: The Vexing (Age of Faith Book 6) by Tamara Leigh

Genre: Medieval Romance

You’ll like this if you like: Strong, Honorably, Formerly-Immoral Heroes, Adventure, or Hate-to-Love Romantic Relationships.

Cleanliness: The heroine initiates a kiss with him at least twice, and the hero stops them from going too far both times.

Hero Type: Brooding

Favorite Profound Quote:

“Learn from the past. Live in the present.”

Favorite Descriptive Quote:

“Pinning up her lips in as near a smile as she could stab into place, she commanded her breath to voice her words.”



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Answering her father’s summons to return home, Lady Beata Fauvel must evade capture by noblemen who seek to wed a great heiress. But when she falls into the hands of Queen Eleanor of England, she discovers her sovereign has plans of her own for the lady known France over as The Vestal Widow. Now Beata must not only escape the knight entrusted with ensuring she does not wed without permission, but survive a storm-tossed sea and revelation of a long-buried secret that could destroy her family. And what of a heart that wants what it cannot have? Will it only ever beat for the queen’s man?

For years, Sir Durand Marshal has faithfully served his queen as penance for betrayal of the Wulfrith family. When he rescues a woman pursued by vassals of the French king, he is charged with delivering to England the nearly scandalous lady who has only a name in common with the one he once loved. Though he never expects to feel anything beyond annoyance for the outspoken Lady Beata, he finds himself drawn to yet another woman denied him. Can he fulfill his duty to his liege? Or will he forsake his redemption and forever ruin his reputation—more, the lady’s?


Loved this one so much! It’s been such a pleasure to read her medieval books I think I might just reread some of the Age of Faith series.
The hero, Durand, was super cool. He seemed distant and brooding, when really he careed more than he appeared to. My mom has read the previous Age of Faith books, and she told me she was worried she wouldn’t like Durand, since he’s so immoral in the previous books.
I told her, with a slight eye roll (I am still a teenager ;)), “Mom, of course you’ll like it; It’s Tamara Leigh.”
And after reading it, she said I was right, of course.
The heroine was fun, and I found her quite relatable. During times when it seemed she should have been sad or afraid, she got angry, and she was quite fierce.
And the storyline had so many fun romantic opportunities! Which the author, of course, took full advantage of. They end up traveling alone together to reach her home, giving them time to slowly fall in love.
I would have loved to see a bigger or more complex plot twist, but it serves its purpose for this book and does a great job of linking us to the next book. And as I said earlier, the romance was flawless.
I loved Vexing, and I hope I’ll manage to survive until her new medieval books come out later this year. 😉

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