The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peak: Chapter 59

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Though the pace was slow, each of the horse’s plodding steps jarred, rattling her teeth. She forced her pained breaths to slow, determined not to faint before arriving at the embassy, though Elon had assured her she could have a sleeping draught. She didn’t want to miss a single moment she spent in his arms.

Elon cupped her unmarred cheek. “I’m sorry, Carissa. We’re well over half way there.”

She opened her eyes. Sunlight plunged into them, injecting her skull with pure pain. After her time in the jailhouse, daylight was nearly unbearable. As her eyes adjusted, Elon’s face came into focus.

His expression was tight with concern, but his smile was genuine.

She blinked and glanced at the streets. Crowds lined the road, as if watching a parade. No doubt they were curious as to why their King held a filthy waif. And then her veins turned to ice.

A woman peered out from a second story window, her expression twisted in a snarl, her golden hair flowing down her shoulders like liquid sunlight. Even across the street, Carissa could see the chilling color of her eyes: an unnaturally dark blue, the color of the sky after the sunset and before the stars rose.


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    Oh no! Nasty woman!!😡

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