The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peak: Chapter 60

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The ceremony was so transitory it had barely been a ceremony. The only proof that it’d happened was the ring cinching her finger. Though she’d protested that she’d dirty the ring, Elon had slid it onto her finger anyhow.

Elon mounted the steps of the embassy, his feet clapping against marble. He stopped at the third floor and shifted her in his arms to open the door.

A bed sat flush against a wall. Soft blankets and pillows coated it like gold-threaded snow. A window yawned before them, its view obscured by emerald curtains. An ornate tub was a few feet away, the steam from its waters frosting the air.

Nausea twisted hard and tight against her stomach. Elon was not like the other men. Was not.

So busy was she reminding herself that she didn’t notice Elon had lowered her until warm water soaked her back. Her eyes flared open. Elon set her in the water, which lapped at her neck, and withdrew, the sleeves of his doublet plastered and wet.

The rest of his doublet was smeared in grime, as were the knees of his pants. All because he’d deigned to touch her. He didn’t appear disgusted, but she was disgusted for him. Carissa sank lower into the water. No wonder he wanted her to bathe.

Elon knelt by her and unsheathed a dagger from his waistband. “I’m going to cut off what’s left of your clothes, Carissa. Do you trust me in this?”

Carissa gripped the shreds of cloth covering her chest as every muscle clenched with dread. The thought of being laid entirely bare… A violent shudder jerked her shoulders. It’d been done to her before, so she ought to have been accustomed to it.


She swallowed, shoving the singeing bile back down her throat. “Do what you will.”

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  1. Ariel Masters says:

    Ooh! Her reactions are so natural. Bless her heart. Its all happening so fast for her.

  2. Aalexandra.turcu says:

    Poor little thing ❤️

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