The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 107

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Elon reined the horse to a halt before dismounting. He lifted up his arms, and Carissa slid into his embrace before he set her down. He removed some of the horse’s packs, stuffed them into his own, and slapped the horse on the rump. The horse started towards the palace, about five miles of field in the distance. At least it wasn’t terribly far—especially since Elon had sent their only means of transportation away.

Carissa turned to face the edge of the forest. Shaggy green treetops contrasted with the gray clouds, swollen and pregnant with the promise of rain. If not for the fading gallop of the horse and the chatter of birdsong, the forest would have been eerily silent. The fresh air held a subtle chill, enough to make her draw her arms around herself for the extra warmth.

Elon lowered the pack for a moment before withdrawing a fur-lined cloak and handing it to her.

She swung the cloak around her shoulders and was tempted to sigh at its soft caress. “Now where, Elon?”

He heaved the pack onto his shoulders. “This way.” He strode into the forest.

After a few minutes, the walk had become rather unpleasant. Undergrowth scratched at her ankles, and though Elon held branches aside for her, many caught in her hair or dress. Stepping on the occasional pinecone wasn’t helping matters, either.

And then it began to rain.

It was a polite drizzle for mere seconds before the clouds gushed water upon them. Strands of her wet hair clung to her neck and face. Though the cloak wicked the water well, rain still managed to seep into every gap and crevice available, and soon her dress had turned to lead, water soaking through its many layers. And Elon had thought she hadn’t needed to pack anything.

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