The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 116

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Carissa ran, the Soul Pieces clamped in her fist, her breath thick in her throat. This meant Elon knew who the Reaper was—and he hadn’t told her. But why? Why would he protect the identity of a Reaper who deserved death? Was this some sort of mercy on his part?

The gates clanked, then squeaked. Someone was opening them again, and it likely wasn’t the women. If someone discovered her presence, she’d lose all reputability—and she’d likely tarnish Elon’s reputation as well.

Carissa slowed, pressing her back into the rough bark of a tree.

There was silence. Whoever had entered the gardens, it most definitely wasn’t the women.

She remained clamped to the tree, forcing her breathing to calm.

And then she heard it, a quiet, faint whisper, “Tracks, Commander.”

A few beats a of silence, then, “Someone is here. The women were right.”

Carissa clenched her jaw, until she feared the men could hear the creaking of her muscles. What should she do? If she stayed, that was her best chance of remaining unnoticed, since as soon as she moved, she’d likely make noise.

But if the men came any closer, she was caught. The only way she’d be able to outrun them was if she had a head start. But even if she had a head start, they likely had the gate secured, and the other gate was locked. Her best chance was hoping she remained unnoticed.

Carissa sank down to her haunches.

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