The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 123

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Five Days Later

Carissa brushed her fingers against the rosebushes as they walked by, feeling the oncoming darkness like a physical pressure bearing down on her shoulders. She and Elon had only bonded once, Aleck had yet to appear, and she was to leave for Esmeray on the morrow.

“What was it like?” Cylia skipped forward, blue eyes bright.

The lady smiled. “It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. He was so gentle and thoughtful and romantic. Each night we stayed on the island, he covered the bed with different flower petals. And the food there was exquisite, and the shoreline had the softest sand—”

Cylia huffed. “I didn’t want to know about that part of the honeymoon. I wanted to know about the other part.”

The ladies tittered, and Dara clucked her tongue. “Such impudence. I do declare, every generation seems to have less discretion than the last.”

Carissa caressed the curve of a rose, trying to think about the velvety feel of its petals, its flushed color. The touched the stem, trailed her fingers over its thorns.

The lady laughed softly. “While I most certainly won’t impart… particular details, every single night was amazing. He’s just wonderful, and I will forever anticipate sharing a bed with him.”

Pain flared in Carissa’s finger, and she pulled her hand back. It seemed one of the thorns had pricked her.

A few of the ladies sighed, and one muttered, “Just give it a few decades, dearie.”

Carissa turned towards the ladies, a false smile on her lips and an excuse on her tongue. But she was saved from using either as a boy darted through the cluster of ladies, earning a few glares.


She blinked as he leapt towards her, squeezing her waist. She ran her finger’s through Aleck’s surprisingly clean hair. “Aleck.” Her chin wobbled, and she covered her mouth.

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