The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 127

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Carissa closed her eyes, muting the fiercely bright light. Even so, it glowed orange against her lids, making pain shoot to the back of her skull. And then it was gone.

Carissa opened her eyes and squinted against the relative darkness. Everything was silent. “Elon?”

Someone sniffled. Judging from the high, soft pitch of the sound, it was likely Lila.

“I’m here, Carissa. If you wouldn’t mind, could you open the curtains?”

Carissa rose to her feet and fumbled around the room. Her hand brushed glass, and a moment later, something shattered. “Oops.” She stretched, and her fingertips grazed ripples of velvet fabric. She yanked the curtains to one side, and light ghosted into the room.

Elon stood next to the bed, holding Lila, who was whimpering. The edges of his clothes were mangled and black, the green of his shirt discolored. Lila’s clothes were even worse, with large patches of her pearly skin visible.

Carissa moved towards him. “Elon, are you—”

Elon shook his head and mouthed, ‘I’m fine.’ Then he cleared his throat. “I think Lila needs some rest.”

Lila fell silent, her whimpers fading. “You kept your promise.”

Elon set her onto the bed and pulled the blankets over her. “So I did.”

“But… how?”

“I have a power, just like you do.”

Lila peered up at him. “I lied, about me murdering him.”

“I know.”

“The Reaper told me that if I told anyone about what she’d done, she’d kill them and then kill me.” She stroked the covers covering her tiny body. “If I tell you who the Reaper is, will you have enough power to protect me? Will you have enough power to keep you from getting hurt?”

“Yes, Lila.”

“Then I’ll tell you.” She fidgeted a moment before beckoning him closer.


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