The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 128

A chill cloaked Carissa’s skin at Elon’s words. “I think… I think you have this handled, Elon.” Akasha, she could quite easily kill, but Tervalyn? When she was sitting in her bed, not even defending herself?

Elon shook his head. “This is for you to do, Carissa.” He extended her dagger towards her.

Carissa took it, and its tip wavered as her hands trembled. “Elon—”

“You can do this, Carissa. You need to.”

Carissa swallowed and neared Tervalyn.

Tervalyn hadn’t moved. The whites of her eyes were visible as she stared at the dagger, blood draining from her face.

Carissa stopped an arm’s reach from her.

Tervalyn straightened. “My Queen.” Her chin wobbled until she clenched her jaw.

Wasn’t Tervalyn going to fight? Beg for mercy? Try to escape? Carissa’s gut twisted into knots. Elon’s Foresight was sometimes ambiguous… Could he have been mistaken in this case?


He said her name like a plea. Carissa raised her dagger. She’d trusted him in other things, and she would trust him in this as well. Carissa lunged forward, her dagger swiping through the air.

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