The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 132

Something screeched, no more than a foot or two away, and the horse staggered before releasing a high-pitched whinny, almost a scream.

She opened her eyes and saw… nothing. It was just as dark as when she’d closed them. Had she gone blind? She drew in a deep breath—and regretted it as cold air stormed her lungs and stripped her throat dry.

More shrieks pierced the dark. Something tangled in her hair, and she jerked away. What had touched her? Branches? Outstretched fingers?

The horse’s pace suddenly slowed. “Off, Carissa. Get off the horse.” Elon’s voice held an urgency she’d never heard before.

She slid to the ground and stumbled in the dark. The sound of the horse hooves faded. Had Elon ridden on without her? “E–Elon?” Her voice trembled uncontrollably.


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