The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 148

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She slowly withdrew her arm. “Fine. Then do as you will.”

The man’s nod was curt, all false mirth drained from his lips and eyes, leaving them flat. “Lift you arms, and I’ll bind them.”

As he approached, Carissa scooted back in the bed until she bumped against Elon. “You won’t even allow me to don clothes?”

“Be glad I allow you the decency of a blanket.” He stopped by the bed. “But I make take even that away if you persist in resisting me.”

After a long moment, Carissa lifted her arms, her wrists pressed together.

He bound them tightly, enough to make her wince. There’d be no escaping these bonds without either Elon or a knife. But at least she could still fight. If she stood behind him, she could slip her bound arms over his neck to choke him, and—

He lifted her bound hands above her head.

She tensed. “What are you doing?”

“Tying your hands to the headboard.” After he finished, he stood back.

Carissa gave an experimental tug. Her wrists remained fastened to the headboard, a few inches behind her.

As he stared down at her, a smug smile on his lips, she felt fear trickle through her. It soon evaporated in a roaring blaze of anger. How dare he bind her in such a shameful state? As soon as she was free, she was going to kill him. Her fingers itched for the dagger handle just thinking about it.

The man chuckled hollowly. “If your passion is as fiery as your glare, I can see why your man would keep you for a toss in the sheets.”

She gritted her teeth hard to keep from replying as the man rounded the bed and bound Elon in a similar manner.

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