The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 156

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Three Days Later

Thanks to Elon’s tending, Algernon had healed well. He wasn’t completely whole, but he could defend himself and hunt for food.

Kybelle folded Carissa’s clothes and stored them in Carissa’s pack. In the past few days, Kybelle had grown quite chatty, so her silence was slightly unnerving. Carissa wrapped strips of jerky, the crinkle of the paper the only noise in the cabin. The men had gone to fetch mounts from the nearby fortress, now that a small group of servants had taken charge of it.

Though it was still dark, the sounds of plodding hooves alerted Carissa to their approach. She set down the jerky and opened the cabin door to greet them. To her surprise, they were leading five horses. Elon had said they’d only need one for each of them—himself, her, and Lyron—since they were traveling light.

Carissa let the door clatter shut behind her as she neared. “Why so many horses?”

Though she’d directed the question at Elon, Algernon spoke, “My sister and I are coming with you.

Elon sighed—a weary sigh born of expectation and dread. It reminded Carissa of when her mother told her she had to do her chores. Carissa had known the request was coming but dreaded to hear it nonetheless. “As stated previously, I don’t recommend that. You’d best stay here, look after your sister, continue healing—”

“While there are still Reapers out there tormenting people?” he shot back.

Carissa squinted, wishing she could make out more of Algernon’s expression in the darkness. “You didn’t care about forcing the border back earlier—or about anything aside from your own personal goal of saving your sister.”

“Ouch, Carissa.” Though his voice typically rolled through his chest in a dark rumble, it softened at her name.

“I don’t mean to say that’s a bad thing,” she replied. “But coming with us would put both of you in danger, which seems contrary to what you’d want.”

“Well… Let’s just say I’ve realized that there are more important things than preserving myself and my kin. You and Elon see the evil in the world, and instead of turning a blind eye to it, you do something about it. Perhaps I’d like to be more like that as well.”

A smirk tugged at Carissa’s lips, though Algernon likely couldn’t see it in the dark. “So what you mean to say is I’m right.”

“What? Well–I–Not exactly. I wouldn’t phrase it quite like that…”

“And if I’m right, that means you were wrong.”

Algernon huffed. “I never said you were—”

“Accompanying us on this trip isn’t in anyone’s best interest, Algernon.” Elon’s statement cut through their argument with the coldness and efficiency of sharpened steel.

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