The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 157

Elon tried to tie the horse’s reins to the tree to quickly that he fumbled. He laughed at his own haste. Being sloppy wouldn’t help him join Carissa any more quickly. It was best he take his time.

After Elon had finished securing the last horse, he strode towards the copse of trees Carissa had indicated.


Elon suppressed a bout of irritation and continued walking. Algernon could wait. Carissa couldn’t.

A future flashed before him: Algernon grabbing Elon’s wrist to stop him.

Elon yanked his wrist out of the way and turned so sharply that Algernon’s eyebrows arched in surprise. “You require something?” His gritty tone would have subdued most men, but not Algernon.

“I’m just curious about why you feel the need to go yonder. As a group, we should stick—”

“You concern is…” Appreciated was too strong of a word. “…noted.” Algernon’s thoughtfulness would have been more welcome were it sincere, but Elon was well aware what truly motivated Algernon to comment.

Algernon folded his arms. “If something happens, it’d be best if the group were together.”

“If you were truly concerned about what were best for the group, you would have heeded my warning and remained at your cabin.”

“You think me a coward?”

“I think your eyes wander where they ought not.” Though Elon was familiar with the urge to let his gaze linger on Carissa, he was quite opposed to allowing other men the same liberties. And his Foresight warned him to be wary of Algernon’s attraction.

Algernon laughed, the sound ringing falsely. “Good lands, man. I wouldn’t even think to do anything. You’re married, after all.”

“And you’d best remember that.”

Algernon snorted at Elon’s not-so-subtle threat. “I thought you were supposed to be a gentle, kind king.”

“Gentle and kind don’t equate to weak, which is what I would be if I allowed your affection for my wife to grow unchecked. I am hers, and she is mine. I don’t intend to relinquish that claim.”

Algernon backpedaled, his hands raised as if in surrender. Elon wished the gesture were genuine. “I certainly didn’t mean to intrude, good sir. By all means, enjoy your privacy with your wife.”

Elon turned on his heel without another word. He’d spent far too much time in Algernon’s company and too little in his wife’s. It was time to remedy that. He didn’t have to wander far until he was greeted by his wife’s soft, off-key humming.

Once she came into view, he slowed his pace.


  1. Idek123 says:

    Wait, so, like, you mean to tell me that ALGERNON has a CRUSH on CARRISSA???

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