The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 159

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Carissa felt a tangle of sensations at his statement—her skin flaring hot with anger, her chest tightening in fear. Darkness danced at the corners of her vision, and she focused on breathing deeply, knowing that otherwise her emotions would overcome her.

And where Akar was concerned, that was not an option.

The guards fumbled with her bound hands, until she was no longer fastened to the length of ropes the others had been tied to.

Akar grasped her bound hands, dragging her towards him, his eyes dark with the promise of the torture to come. “It’s been long a long time.”

“Not long enough,” Elon muttered.

Carissa glanced over her shoulder at him in surprise. Typically, when confronted with an enemy, he appeared so calm and collected. But not this time. His eyes blazed with fury, his jaw rigid with tension.

Akar glanced at him and laughed. “Ah, the noble princeling, Carissa’s little savior.”

Elon’s gaze speared Akar, but he didn’t speak.

Akar’s smirk grew. “Nothing to say, princeling?” He approached Elon, releasing Carissa’s bound hands for a moment. “I remember the last time I saw you. You beat me quite soundly when last I tried to take your wife.” He laughed, his eyes crinkling in mirth. “And now who’s the weak one?” He shoved against Elon’s chest, but Elon’s feet remained planted, his gaze unwavering, and Akar’s smile faded.

“Run, Carissa.” Elon spoke without sparing her a glance.

Akar’s gaze shot to her before she could move, and she took a step backwards.

Run!” Elon swept out a leg, knocking Akar’s feet from underneath him.

The Reapers seemed to appear from the shadows, their Scythes shining silver amidst the darkness. And they were all headed towards Elon.

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