The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 162

Carissa launched into the group, their extended swords glancing off her breastplate, though one managed to pierce her side. She plunged her dagger between the neck and shoulder of one soldier. As she turned to face the others, a sword arched towards her, knocking the dagger from her hand.

The guard rested the blade against her neck. “Stand down, woman.”

Though she tried to hold still to keep the sword from slicing her, the world wouldn’t stop lurching from side to side. She stumbled, and hot, stinging pain sliced through her neck, blood dribbling down her skin.

A guard laughed. “Well, look at that, lads. It appears our woman here can’t hold her wine.”

Carissa used his momentary distraction to duck underneath his sword and lunge for him. But the world suddenly tipped, and instead of ramming into his legs, she hit the floor to his left.

Pain burst behind her eyes, and she bit her lip so she wouldn’t scream. She had to get up, had to keep fighting, but her head felt like it was full of metal, the weight of it pinning her to the ground. Her vision began twirling and blurring again, making her stomach twist. She was going to be sick again.

Pain gripped her scalp as the man grasped a fistful of her hair and hauled her to her knees. He laughed. “I think I’ve declawed our little wolf pup.”

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