The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 167

“You’re not a monster, Lila,” Elon replied.

But her eyes had glazed over, her expression tightening in fear. She seemed to being seeing past them, even past this room. “I–I can’t control it.”

Carissa found herself equally terrified and fascinated as the waves of light seemed to bleed on Lila’s skin, intersecting and meshing together.

Elon didn’t seem nonplussed in the slightest, though his brows were crumpled in sympathy. “It’s alright, Lila.”

Her laughter was brittle, the sound far too dark to be coming from a child. “It’s alright? I’m about to destroy you.”

Elon shook his head. “I have a power that protects me, remember?”

She shrugged. “Then if I don’t destroy you now, I’m going to destroy someone else later.” Her gaze speared Carissa, her blue eyes colder than ice. “You should kill me like you killed Zorelle.”

Carissa’s chest cramped with pain at Lila’s words. “I’m not going to do that. Zorelle was a monster. You are not.”

Lila opened her mouth, likely to retort, but Elon placed a hand against the side of her face, and she stopped.

Elon remained silent for a few seconds, simply cupping her cheek as the lights above them sputtered. “Lila, who do you love?”

“Love?” She clenched her jaw. “I’ve destroyed everyone I love.”


The air in the room grew thicker, hotter, and the lights flared. Carissa considered telling Elon that perhaps he ought to stop his line of inquiry.

Lila swallowed tightly. “My parents. My grandmother. My friends. They’re dead now—because of me.”

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