The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 168

Carissa heard metal clashing, and someone else shouted from inside the room she’d just left. Then all fell silent.

Should she call out? Or would that reveal their position to the enemies within?

Before she could decide, Elon poked his head out the window and waved. Carissa released a shaky sigh. At least he was alright. But how was he going to get down?

Elon disappeared back inside the room, and the rope jiggled, but didn’t rise back up to the window. Then Elon reappeared and began sliding down the rope. There was no harness around his waist; only his grip on the rope kept him from falling.

When his feet touched the ground, Carissa flung her arms around his waist and suppressed her relief long enough to scold him. “You didn’t use a harness.”

He laughed and nudged her nose with his. “I didn’t have the luxury of someone lower me down, so the harness wasn’t an option.”

“How did you get down?”

“I told you—the Reapers helped me. After I fought them, I tied the end of the rope to them to counterbalance my weight as I climbed down.”

Lila sighed behind them. “You know, Aleck told me you two were lovey-dovey when you were together, and I didn’t believe him. I guess I’ll have to tell him he was right.”

Carissa released Elon and glanced at Lila. “One day, Lila, you might find someone to be lovey-dovey with.”

She snorted. “Yeah. Like someone would want to marry a monster.”

Carissa felt a pang at Lila’s words, but before she could contradict her, Elon said, “We’ll discuss this later. For now let’s escape the city before the Yare wolves come out.”

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