The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 178

“Wait!” Lyron ripped away from the woman and sprinted towards Elon before standing in front of him. “You can’t shoot them. I won’t let you.”

The man’s eyes glittered with anger. “Step away from them, Lyron.”

“If not for them, I would still be a Reaper slave. They freed me and destroyed a Reaper stronghold.”

The man finally pointed his bow to the ground. “Is this true?”

Elon modded. “It is.”

“I see. Then perhaps we ought to take this matter up with the council.” The man nodded towards the other men. “Get the weighted chains and fasten their ankles. If they resist, use the razor wire.”

Lyron clenched his fists. “Father, I refuse to allow this. They should have a hero’s welcome, not a prisoner’s bindings.”

The man, apparently Lyron’s father, inclined his head. “I’m well aware of what you think. But this matter is no longer in your hands. I’ve taken your words into account, and now we’ll let the council decide the matter.”

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