The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 179

“What did you mean by what you said earlier?”
Carissa startled awake, thudding her head against the back of the tree. She must have been truly tired if she’d fallen asleep in this position. Carissa wriggled her fingers and toes, causing painful tingles to shoot up her arms and legs.
The torches around the camp were bright against the Esmerian night, making shadows lap at her feet. Judging from the sound of his voice, the elder stood on the other side of the tree, facing Elon.
The chains shifted as Elon moved. “About your daughter?”
“Yes,” the elder continued. “You said that I should spare the both of you for the sake of my daughter. Why? And what do you know about her?”
“I know that she’s with child. And that she’s unmarried.”
The man sucked in a sharp breath. “Keep your voice down, boy.”
“You need not concern yourself. No one overheard us.”
“How can you be certain? The guards—”
“Haven’t you heard the King of Nysia has the power of foresight? I see possible futures, and these futures give me knowledge that I wouldn’t have otherwise, which is how I know about your daughter—and that no one overheard us.”
“I see. So the stories are true.”
“They are.”
“And why should I release you for my daughter’s sake? When her pregnancy is discovered, the people of this caravan will shame her for it. Do your propose that you could save her from that?”
“She will be saved from that regardless of what I do.”
“How can you say that? How is that possible?”
“I’m afraid I can’t reveal the particulars. But if you release us, we’ll keep your daughter and her secret safe.”

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