The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 180

As Carissa wandered through camp in search of food, Elon trailing behind her, she heard someone yell, “Carissa!” She turned just as Lyron ran up to her, a large grin on his face. “My family has a wagon. You could ride on ours until we make camp tonight.”

Carissa buried a cringe. “You’re certain your parents would permit this?” After all, Lyron’s father had taken the lead in trying to kill them.
Lyron’s excitement dimmed. “Well, I don’t know.
Elon moved forward to ruffle Lyron’s hair. “We appreciate the offer, Lyron, but I think your parents need a bit of processing time concerning the Elders’ decision.”

Lyron scowled and patted his hair back down. “I don’t say why. They know you’re the ones who brought me back. Shouldn’t that be enough for them?”
“What Tervalyn told them has scared them. They’ll just need time.” Something whistled through the air, and Elon’s hand flashed out, his fingers curling around an object.

Carissa glanced around at the crowd, noticing the hostile expressions the caravan members shot at them. Had someone thrown something at them?
Elon’s fingers unfurled, revealing a rock. “And it seems the rest of the caravan will need time as well.” He tossed the rock aside.

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