The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 185

Carissa pointed to the discarded satchel. “If we can throw the Y’thapa to them, they can take it and the wolves will go away. Simple.”

Algernon glanced at the satchel, then shrugged. “Whatever you wish, Carissa.”

Carissa dismounted the horse, careful not to upset Kybelle’s body, and began treading towards the satchel. It was at the edge of the wolf pack, but there were still enough wolves surrounding it that obtaining it might prove difficult.

She neared the wolves, until she was close enough that she could smell them. From this close, she could see the black fur of their muzzles wet with blood. Could it be Kybelle’s blood? Her stomach twisted sharply at the thought.

Now she was close enough to brush one of the wolves’ tails. Carissa took another step and felt a warm tickle course down her back. It seemed that she’d bled through one of Algernon’s bandages.

A few of the wolves glanced back at her, their nostrils flaring as they sniffed.

Even if they couldn’t smell her fear, they could smell her blood.

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