The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 191

Lyron’s gaze snapped up as Carissa and Elon drew near. He still looked sober, but the tear tracks on his cheeks had dried and he offered them a wane smile. “I miss Kybelle.”

And now they were about to confront his mother. Perhaps this wasn’t the best timing, but they couldn’t exactly wait.

Carissa knelt in front of him and whisked a few strands of hair off of his forehead. “I know, Lyron. We all do. By any chance, have you seen your mother around lately?”

“My mother?” His expression twisted in confusion. “Whatever for?”

“We just need to speak with her.”

Her tone had likely given something away, because Lyron’s expression immediately turned to stone. “Why?”

Elon placed a hand on Lyron’s shoulder. “Do you remember when we went to Zonah to destroy the Nephesh stone?”

Lyron nodded.

“We have reason to believe your mother has the stone—and sold Algernon pieces to put on his arrows.”

His breath stuttered. “No. Surely she wouldn’t.”

“We need to speak to your mother about destroying the Nephesh stones, Lyron. Do you know where she is?”

Dry leaves crackled behind them, and Carissa felt a chill wash over her. “Step back from him. There’s no need to interrogate my son.”

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