The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 195

Two Days Later

Two scouts knelt before Elon—the very two scouts she and Algernon had saved a few nights ago. Elon and she were seated within a tent, the group of elders sandwiching them on either side. It was in this very same tent that she and Elon had first met the Elders.

One gazed over the Elders before his gaze landed on Elon. “Permission to speak, your highness?”

“Of course.”

“There’s a cluster of caves a few miles away. Though we didn’t venture near, we could hear yare wolves within—and I believe more than one pack.”

Elder Itura said, “Perhaps we should try to pass around them.”

Another Elder suggested, “Or we could turn around.”

Elder Lorem glanced at Elon and Carissa. “Your highnesses, what do you think?”

Carissa hadn’t the faintest idea. She glanced at Elon, hoping he had a plan.

Elon surveyed those within the tent, and once everyone had fallen silent, he said, “I say we fight the wolves.”

Though many stiffened or went slack with shock, thankfully none voiced their dissent.

Elder Lorem clasped his hands at his waist. “Typically, I would oppose such a risky endeavor, but if you’re fighting with the men, your majesty, I have no objections.”

Elon nodded. “Then it’s decided. Our men will leave tomorrow morning to hunt the wolves before they can hunt us.”

“Should we give them Y’thapa, your majesty?”

“No, that won’t be necessary. I have a plan.”

Carissa couldn’t help but smile. Of course Elon had a plan; he always did.

“If no one else has any comments, the council is dismissed.”

Before Carissa could rise, Elon was out of his chair and offering her his hand. She accepted, and Elon pulled her up. They stood close enough that it would have been scandalous were they not husband and wife.

Elon smiled down at her. “You look lovely today.”

Her entire body flushed with heat, and she felt a sharp tug within her chest, an urge to be even closer to him. She hoped he’d ask to bond with her again soon. If not, perhaps she should find a way to encourage him to do so.

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