The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 196

Carissa curled her hands into fists. “Do you require something, Algernon?”

Algernon arched his eyebrows. “Not feeling so hospitable today, hmm? Even after my explanation?”

“Are you going to answer my question or do I need to repeat myself?”

“That won’t be necessary.” Algernon shoved off the pole. “I… Never mind, it’s a rather silly inquiry. Forgive me for disturbing you.”

He began to stride out of their tent, until Carissa asked, “What’s your question, Algernon? You’ve already come here; you might as well ask it.”

Algernon paused at the opening of the tent. Then he glanced at her over his shoulder. “As King, Elon has a lot of power. I’m sure he would have already thought of this were it possible, but do you think that Elon… that he could bring Kybelle back?”

The question wasn’t quite what she’d been expecting, and Carissa found herself searching for words. “I’m uncertain. Elon’s powers continually surprise me. But since he hasn’t said anything, I suppose he’s either not capable or not willing.” Carissa took a step nearer. “Algernon, I’m truly sorry for what happened to your sister. I know you’re still grieving her. But Elon has a way of using even the darkest events to shine light in the lives of others.”

Algernon shook his head. “I’m struggling to have the optimistic view of his plan that you do, Carissa. Her death was a terrible thing. I can’t even conceive of the pain she must have gone through and the thought that I was supposed to be there to protect her…”

He released a shuddering breath, and Carissa set a hand upon his shoulder. “Algernon, I’m sorry.”

She was about to say something else until Elon burst into the tent. He was smiling, but the happiness in his expression faded as soon as his gaze landed on them.

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