The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 64

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She stumbled back against, calves banging against the chair, her breath thick in her throat. She shook her head and shoved a laugh from her lips, though it sounded more like a croak. “You’re in the jailhouse; you can’t touch me.”

“Wrong—on both accounts. After you left with the princeling, I realized that if you could barter your way out, so I could I. But while you used your body to gain such favor—”

Heat roared to her cheeks. “I did no such thing! I agreed to marry him.”

Akar snorted. “Same thing. As I was saying, I was clever enough to take advantage of a few favors owed to me. You see, I’m not only a dealer in women but information.”

Her stomach twirled itself into knots. Perhaps if she could distract him for long enough, Elon would return. “How?”

“I threatened to reveal a Councilman’s liaison with another Councilman’s daughter. And, of course, the Councilman was quite cooperative when it came to allowing me access to the embassy, so long as I didn’t implicate him, of course. We all have secrets, and I use them to my advantage.”

Carissa edged around the chair, so its back separated her and Akar. “What are yours?”

“I don’t believe it’s fitting for something owned to demand questions of its owner. Have you forgotten your place so soon?” He stalked closer towards her, and goose bumps danced across her skin.

Stop. You can’t and won’t touch me; I’m the King’s.” She clenched the chair’s back so tightly she was surprised the wood didn’t creak beneath the pressure.

That same ugly smile curled his lips. “You said I was in the jailhouse, and I’ve proven you wrong.” His hand shot out, covering hers and pinning it to the top of the chair. “You also said I couldn’t touch you.” His fingers tightened over hers, his nails digging into her skin. “And once more, I’ll prove you wrong.”

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