The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 70

YA Fantasy Romance Wattpad

Carissa knew exactly what to do. She hauled in a deep breath before putting the first—and only—part of her plan into action: running to Elon.

He was just rounding a darkened corner as she caught up, her hand slipping into his.

The frigid feeling fled as suddenly as it’d come, and she felt sheepish about racing to Elon. “Sorry,” she whispered before beginning to slip her hand away.

Elon’s grip tightened. “You felt it?”

Her heart stuttered. So it hadn’t been a random drop in temperature. “Akasha?”

He nodded. “Those with the gifting are more sensitive to the presence of a Reaper. Since we’re bonded, you are as well.”

“But we’re not bonded… physically speaking.” She hoped the light was dim enough to hide her coloring cheeks.

“The kind of bond that enables me to share my gifting with you only requires consent. It’s a bond made with the heart and mind rather than the body.”

Carissa glanced over her shoulder, to glance at the doorway that have given her such intense chills, but it was around the corner. “So if we can sense her…”

“She can sense us as well.”

“Then she knows we’re here.”

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