The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 71

YA Fantasy Romance Wattpad

Rapid footsteps pattered against the floor.

She began to rise, until Elon squeezed her waist, and she settled back down. Akasha had to think they weren’t expecting her.

The chill grew stronger at her back, and Carissa suppressed a shiver as her body stiffened. Judging from Elon’s strong grip on her waist, he didn’t want her to rise and fight yet. But how long was she to remain still?

Akasha stopped at her side of the bed. The hairs on Carissa’s neck prickled in awareness. Metal sang as it was unsheathed. Perhaps a sword? Or dagger? The wooden floors creaked with the shifting of weight.

Elon finally loosened his grip. She rolled towards Akasha in time to catch the glitter of moonlight against a blade. A dagger. Akasha held it above her for a split second before plunging it downwards.

As it whistled through the air, Evelyn raised her forearms to shield her chest, but she knew it was too late. She hadn’t reacted in time, and in moments, the dagger would find its mark.

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