The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 75

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One Day Later

Carissa tugged on the waistband of the pants, taking back her wish to wear trousers. Trousers were so stifling and baggy. Instead of lightly dusting her legs as she walked, like a skirt would, the fabric wrapped around her legs completely.

“Carissa? You do know how to put them on, don’t you?”

Heat erupted across her face, and she pressed her back into the craggy bark of tree. She would sooner die than gallivant around in this strange contraption. “I don’t want to wear these.”

“You can’t very well train in a dress.”

“Then I won’t train.” Carissa picked her dress off the forest floor and brushed the leaves from the fabric. She was about to pull the trousers back off when the crunch of leaves alerted her to Elon’s approach.

He rounded the tree, his gaze skimming her. “You look quite fetching in them.”

She huffed. “They’re uncomfortable.”

“You’ll get used to them. Come back to the clearing, and we’ll begin training.” He turned and strode back.

She followed him, keeping her legs splayed so the fabric wouldn’t rub quite so uncomfortably.

Elon slowed his pace. “Carissa, what’s taking you so—” He turned and covered his mouth, but not before she caught a glimpse of his smile. “You’re–you’re waddling, Carissa.”

She gritted her teeth and quickened her stride—or waddle, as he claimed. “I don’t like how it rubs on my inner legs. It’s disturbing.”

A chuckle burst from him, and he turned away, his shoulders shaking.

“Oh! Mock all you want—just wait until I get you into a skirt.”

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