The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 76

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If Elon had intended to comfort her, he was doing a rather pitiful job. “But the border didn’t follow Akasha.”

“She was only one Reaper.”

Carissa whipped around to face him. “How many Reapers are required to move the border?”


She rubbed the goose bumps from her arms. “But we killed Akasha.”

Elon nodded. “Which angered the other Reapers.”

Carissa drove her hands through her sweat-slicked hair. “We should have just captured her.”

“No, we shouldn’t have. Things are happening like they’re supposed to, Carissa. Trust—”

“I’m trying to.” She dropped her arms to her sides.

After a moment, he placed a hand on her shoulder, and the chill dissipated beneath his warmth. “You see why your training is so important?”

She dropped her chin to her chest. “Yes… but I can’t do this alone.”

He squeezed her shoulder. “You won’t have to.”

“I want to kill a Reaper!”

Both of them glanced down at Aleck.

Elon lowered himself beside Aleck. “Killing a Reaper takes a special sort of warrior, but there are many other forms of evil in this world. Unfortunately, should you become a warrior, you will have no shortage of enemies.”

Elon’s declaration was sobering, but Aleck didn’t seem to notice. He swept a staff on the ground and jabbed it into the air. “Kya!” He straightened and saluted Elon. “Don’t worry, your highness. I’m going to be a very strong warrior. I can take it.”

She would have smiled, but the dark streak on the horizon drew her gaze once more. The people in Zonah were right on the border; they were likely terrified.

“Even the greatest warriors need help. Speaking of which—” Elon pointed to the camp “—I’m sure some of those knights could use some assistance in roasting their squirrels.”

His face set in grim determination, Aleck saluted before darting back across the field, his staff swinging wildly as he pumped his arms.

Elon’s gaze alighted on hers.

“So the darkness is really coming, isn’t it, Elon? Despite all we’ve done…”

He began to reach out to her, but then seeming to think better of it, he lowered his hand again. “Never forget that the mere presence of light is enough to banish darkness. By its very nature, light will always win, however, we’re going to cross the mountains soon.”


“From the palace, you will no longer have a vantage point of the southern horizon. Ensconced in the safety of the palace, you may forget that others do not have that same luxury.” He picked up a staff and handed it to her. “Your training is important, but never forget why you train.”

“Of course I won’t.” She curled her fingers around the smooth rod. “Didn’t Aleck take a staff?”

“If you’ll recall, I requested three training staffs.” He winked. “I suspected one would be purloined.” He turned and strode back to the campsite. Carissa followed him, flattening the wispy grass beneath her feet.

The darkness was coming. She only hoped she’d be ready when it arrived.

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