The King’s Cursed Bride Sneak Peek: Chapter 99

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Heat winged across her cheeks before seeping into her ears and neck, as if she’d spent too many hours allowing the sun to drench her skin. How could she best extricate herself from this situation? Response to Elon? Make a break for the gardens? Greet the ladies?

Silk rustled behind her, the sound coming nearer. It seemed her decision had already been made for her.

Carissa pivoted towards the ladies, a smile on her lips. At least, she hoped it looked like a smile and not a baring of teeth.

The ladies were both considerably petite, likely a few years younger than herself. But that didn’t mean their tongues weren’t honed to a fine point. They dipped into curtsies. “Your majesty,” they chimed together.

Carissa nodded. “Ladies.”

They rose. The one on the left, clothed in a low-cut dress of spring green flashed her a dimpled smile. “What a surprise to see you here, your majesty. We didn’t know you were as fascinated by the training yards as ourselves.”

The other tilted her head, her tight blond curls swaying. “Perhaps you’re here to watch your Lord Husband?”

Carissa released a slow breath and wiped her hands down her shirt—more to dry the perspiration from them than to smooth the fabric. “I’m not here just to watch.” But of course, the girls knew that, given how Carissa was dressed.

The brunette girl arched her thin brows. “Oh?”

“Are you going to be a knight?” The blonde pursed her rosy lips, but a giggle escaped nonetheless.

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  1. June Wambui says:

    Yes a Lady Knight! got a problem with that?! 😕😬

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