• Contemporary Romance Told You Series Book 2

    Told You Twice (Told You Series Book 2) by Kristen Heitzmann

    Genre: Contemporary Romance You’ll like this if you like: Sizzling Romance, a Charming, Playboy Hero, or Assassination Attempts. Cleanliness: The hero, Bo, contemplates taking the heroine… { keep reading }

  • Clean Pirate Romance

    Book Review: The Last Broken Promise by Grace Walton

    Genre: Pirate Romance You’ll like this if you like: Inner Turmoil, Conflict between Hero and Heroine, Feisty Heroines, Darkly Handsome Heroes, or a Lovely Romance.… { keep reading }

  • Book Review: The Reckoning by Mary Lu Tyndall

    Genre and Audience: Pirate Romance for NA (New Adult) You’ll like this if you like: Adventure on the High Seas, Time Travel, Bad Boy Turns… { keep reading }

  • YA Dystopian Romance for Teens Beautiful sapphire dress in a cage

    Book Review: Perfected by Kate Jarvik Birch

    Genre: YA Dystopian Romance You’ll like this if you like: Unique Story Ideas, A Book You Can’t Put Down, Independent, Determined, yet Realistic Heroines, or… { keep reading }

  • Guy Protecting girl with his... protective stance

    Book Review: The Raven Saint by Mary Lu Tyndall

    Genre: Clean Pirate Romance You’ll like this is you like: Pirates, Sweet Romance, Inspiring Character Arcs, Unexpected Plot Development, and Roguish Heroes. Cleanliness: There’s a… { keep reading }

  • Contemporary romance for adults

    Book Review: Splitting Harriet by Tamara Leigh

    Genre and Audience: Contemporary Romance for Adults You’ll like this if you like: Tension, Unique, yet Realistic Characters, Reformed Rebels, Motorcycles, and an Inspiring Character… { keep reading }