• Fantasy Writing Wedding Books Stories

    Fantasy World Wedding Traditions

    To discover the importance of weddings, you only need to take a leisurely stroll through Pinterest, and you’ll soon happen upon images of teased hairstyles,… { keep reading }

  • Fantasy Poll

    Poll: Favorite Fantasy Creature

    What’s your favorite fantasy creature? Favorite Fantasy Creature . . .

  • YA Fantasy Dystopian

    Book Review and Giveaway: Arbiter (The Sentinel Trilogy) by Jamie Foley

    Genre: YA Fantasy Dystopian   You’ll like this if you like: Lovable Heroes, Completely Unexpected Plot Twists, or Character Secrets Galore.   Favorite Profound Quote:… { keep reading }

  • Fantasy Fairytale YA

    Book Review: Heartless by Marissa Meyer

    Genre: Fantasy Fairytale YA You’ll like this if you like: Sympathetic, Multi-Dimensional Villains, Evil Queens, a Heart-Breaking Backstory, or Tragedies. Cleanliness: Catherine, the future Queen… { keep reading }

  • YA Romantic Fantasy

    Book Review: Unblemished by Sara Ella

    Genre: YA Romantic Fantasy You’ll like this if you like: Stories Where Imperfections Become Strengths, an Unexpected Love Interest, or Addictive YA Novels. Cleanliness: It’s mentioned… { keep reading }

  • Polls fantasy

    Poll: Dragon or an Elf?

    If you had to be a dragon or an elf, which would you be? I would rather be a… . . .

  • Season YA Fantasy

    Book Review: Snow Like Ashes and Ice Like Fire (Snow Like Ashes series) by Sara Raasch

    Genre: YA Fantasy You’ll like this if you like: Winter, Seasons, Magic, and Relatable Character Arcs Cleanliness: Towards the end of the first book, a… { keep reading }

  • YA Fantasy Epic Medieval Jill Williamson

    Book Review: Blood of Kinds Trilogy by Jill Williamson

    Genre: YA Fantasy You’ll like this if you like: A Classic Fantasy Adventure, a Girl Disguised as a Boy, Romance, or Telepathy. Cleanliness: The evil… { keep reading }

  • Poll Science Fiction Fantasy

    Poll: Sci-fi or Fantasy?

    Which genre do you prefer? Sci-fi or fantasy? Sci-Fi or Fantasy? . . .

  • YA Fantasy Rome Romance

    Book Review: A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir

    Genre: YA Fantasy   You’ll like this if you like: Rome, Supernatural Elements, Plot Twists, and Compassionate Warrior-Type Heroes.   Cleanliness: At one point, Laia has… { keep reading }

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