• Fantasy Writing Wedding Books Stories

    Fantasy World Wedding Traditions

    To discover the importance of weddings, you only need to take a leisurely stroll through Pinterest, and you’ll soon happen upon images of teased hairstyles,… { keep reading }

  • WattPad Featured List

    Featured WattPad Story

    Today, The King’s Cursed Bride got selected to be a Featured Wattpad story. That essentially means it was hand-picked by one of the Wattpad team members… { keep reading }

  • Why you need more time than you think to finish your projects.

    The Planning Fallacy

      The planning fallacy, first proposed by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky in 1979, is a phenomenon in which predictions about how much time will be… { keep reading }

  • Paper Reading

    Question: Book Design

    Before I was writing seriously and trying to get my own book published, I never considered the work that would go into the design of the… { keep reading }

  • Writing Life

    My Writing Treadmill

    “Sitting is the new smoking,” they say. In case you haven’t noticed, writing is a rather sedentary job, as is being a student. So with… { keep reading }

  • Writing Hannah Phelps

    The Power of Darkness: Your Vulnerability is Your Story’s Strength

    Today’s guest post is by Hannah, a fellow blogger and fantasy writer on Lands Uncharted. Hannah is an incredible, analytical, and passionate writer (I go… { keep reading }

  • Writing, Romance

    How To Write A Cliché Romance Novel

      Have you ever wanted to write a typical, not-so-extraordinary romance novel? It’s simple, really. All you have to do is create the primary characters,… { keep reading }

  • Writer's Block

    A Case of Writer’s Block

      Well, guys, I’m stumped. Earlier this week, I was waiting for the inspiration for this post to strike me, but it never really did.… { keep reading }

  • ACFW vs Realm Makers

    ACFW vs Realm Makers

    Which writer’s conference should you go to this year? American Christian Fiction Writers? Or Realm Makers, the hub for Christian speculative writers? Today, I’d like… { keep reading }

  • Awakening your creative muse

    Awakening Your Creative Muse

    I’ve discussed curing writer’s block, but what about preventing writer’s block? How can you stop it before it starts? I’ve once heard that Beethoven got… { keep reading }

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