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    What Alice Through the Looking Glass teach us about Endings

    Spoiler alert: Since we’re covering endings, there will be a huge spoiler included.   Recently, I saw Alice Through the Looking Glass. Though the storyline… { keep reading }

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    What Fantastic Four Teaches Us About Opening Scenes

    foreWe all make judgments based off of first impressions, and this fact is true not only for real life but also in fiction. The first… { keep reading }

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    What Finding Dory Teaches Us About Foreshadowing

      Spoiler alert: Since we are discussing foreshadowing, I’ll have to reveal a few spoilers, especially about the climax.   Foreshadowing is a very delicate… { keep reading }

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    What Interstellar Teaches Us About Writing Seamless Stories

    Recently, I saw Interstellar. I know that the science might not be entirely correct—it is science fiction after all—but I loved how all of the… { keep reading }