Fantasy Writing Wedding Books Stories
November 29, 2017

To discover the importance of weddings, you only need to take a leisurely stroll through Pinterest, and you’ll soon happen upon images of teased hairstyles, glitzy rings, and chic wedding gowns. This obsession with weddings isn’t restricted to the Western World; no matter what the culture, weddings are often as lavishly expensive as they are…

WattPad Featured List
September 6, 2017

Today, The King’s Cursed Bride got selected to be a Featured Wattpad story. That essentially means it was hand-picked by one of the Wattpad team members because of its quality. All that to say… I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see what will happen 🙂

Why you need more time than you think to finish your projects.
March 29, 2017

  The planning fallacy, first proposed by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky in 1979, is a phenomenon in which predictions about how much time will be needed to complete a future task display an optimism bias and underestimate the time needed. From Wikipedia.   This fallacy has never been more prominent in my life than when…

Paper Reading
November 23, 2016

Before I was writing seriously and trying to get my own book published, I never considered the work that would go into the design of the book. When you look, there are so many different designs snuck into the corners of pages, options for page numbering, fonts, etc. One day, I went through the library pulling…

Writing Life
November 2, 2016

“Sitting is the new smoking,” they say. In case you haven’t noticed, writing is a rather sedentary job, as is being a student. So with the assistance of a piece of plywood, I turned my treadmill into a walking desk–though it’s me doing the walking… not the desk. What do you guys do to incorporate…

Writing Hannah Phelps
October 28, 2016

Today’s guest post is by Hannah, a fellow blogger and fantasy writer on Lands Uncharted. Hannah is an incredible, analytical, and passionate writer (I go to get for my plot problems and moral issues, as you’ll see below) as well as a loyal and reliable friend. She’s been through NaNoWriMo, which is how she started…

Writing, Romance
October 19, 2016

  Have you ever wanted to write a typical, not-so-extraordinary romance novel? It’s simple, really. All you have to do is create the primary characters, the heroine and the hero. Next step: add the secondary characters into the mix for fun, drama, and intrigue. Lastly, add some interesting scenes. For romance scenes, leave them to…

Writer's Block
September 21, 2016

  Well, guys, I’m stumped. Earlier this week, I was waiting for the inspiration for this post to strike me, but it never really did. I’ve been blogging for months, but have always managed to scrape something together. Sorry for the lack of creativity! I was wondering if any of you had experienced a block…

ACFW vs Realm Makers
August 31, 2016

Which writer’s conference should you go to this year? American Christian Fiction Writers? Or Realm Makers, the hub for Christian speculative writers? Today, I’d like to compare these two conferences, so we can find out which is the conference for you. Note: I’ve been to a grand total of two conferences: one ACFW conference and…

Awakening your creative muse
August 24, 2016

I’ve discussed curing writer’s block, but what about preventing writer’s block? How can you stop it before it starts? I’ve once heard that Beethoven got his creative juices flowing by dunking his head underneath cold water before he started working on compositions. He used this habit as a trigger. In Thomas Locke’s Opening Keynote at…