April 24, 2017

Genre: Romantic Suspense You’ll like this if you like: The Left Behind series, Rapture-Related Stories, Reignited Romances, or Assassination Attempts. Cleanliness: The main character, Angel, works at a bar, and it’s mentioned there are women dressed as mermaids and wearing bikinis. Her boss keeps asking her to sleep with him. The hero and heroine have…

Circle Series Romance Speculative God Love
January 30, 2017

Genre: Speculative You’ll like this if you like: Stories of Romance and Redemption.   Favorite Profound Quote: “The  battle over flesh and blood cannot compare to the battle for the heart.” Favorite Descriptive Quote: “Her eyes were as white as the moon, but today the moon was on fire.”     From Amazon Time Is Running Out In Two…

Speculative, Dreams
December 5, 2016

Genre: Speculative You’ll like this if you like: Time Travel, Dreams, or Races Against Time to Stop a World-Threatening Virus.   Favorite Profound Quote:   “How is it that Elyon [or God] can allow evil to exist in the black forest? Why doesn’t he just destroy the Shataiki?” “Because evil provides his creation with a choice,” the…

Dystopian Speculative
November 21, 2016

Genre: Dystopian You’ll like this if you like: “What If” Stories, Thought-Provoking Books, or Reading. 😉 Favorite Profound Quote: “Fiction is a lie that tells us true things, over and over.” Favorite Descriptive Quote: “He felt his smile slide away, melt, fold over and down on itself like a tallow skin, like the stuff of…

Out of Times Series YA Dystopian
October 31, 2016

Genre: YA Dystopian You’ll like this if you like: An Inspiring Romance (#goals), Flawed, Lovable, Heroes, or Resurrection of Favorite Characters. Cleanliness: N/A. I mean, they kiss… twice. Hero Type: Virtuous Hero Favorite Profound Quote: “Learn to be a follower… It makes you a better leader.” Favorite Descriptive Quote: “Her voice is dark, as though…

YA Fantasy Epic Medieval Jill Williamson
October 10, 2016

Genre: YA Fantasy You’ll like this if you like: A Classic Fantasy Adventure, a Girl Disguised as a Boy, Romance, or Telepathy. Cleanliness: The evil prince threatens to make a girl Achan likes into his mistress. Vrell, as you’ll later learn, has to bathe and go to the bathroom in privacy, since she’d a girl….

YA Fantasy Rome Romance
September 19, 2016

Genre: YA Fantasy   You’ll like this if you like: Rome, Supernatural Elements, Plot Twists, and Compassionate Warrior-Type Heroes.   Cleanliness: At one point, Laia has premarital sex. It’s completely skipped over. There’s a lot of supernatural involvement, with one type of creature sometimes referred to as “demons.”   Hero Type: Virtuous Hero   Favorite Profound…

Sci-Fi Fantasy for Teens
June 27, 2016

Genre: Sci-Fi Fantasy Novel for Teens You’ll like this if you like: The Lunar Chronicle Characters or Marissa Meyer’s Writing. Cleanliness: In the last short story, Kai and Cinder kiss. As do Wolf and Scarlet for their wedding. At one point, Kai and Cinder fall asleep while talking to each other. Hero Type: Varied—depends on…

Snow White holding a glowing apple
April 25, 2016

Genre and Audience: Romantic Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopian for YA (Okay, so I couldn’t quite decide on the genre…) You’ll like this if you like: Diverse, Multi-Dimensional, Lovable Characters, Sweet Romance, Tension, Adventure, Speculative, Sci-Fi, Fairytales, Plot Twists, Romance with Love instead of Infatuation, Sweet, Compassionate, Slightly Crazy Heroines, Protective Heroes, and Refreshing Prose. Cleanliness: A few passionate kisses….