Book Review: Winter (Book 4 in the Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer

Genre and Audience: Romantic Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopian for YA (Okay, so I couldn’t quite decide on the genre…)

You’ll like this if you like: Diverse, Multi-Dimensional, Lovable Characters, Sweet Romance, Tension, Adventure, Speculative, Sci-Fi, Fairytales, Plot Twists, Romance with Love instead of Infatuation, Sweet, Compassionate, Slightly Crazy Heroines, Protective Heroes, and Refreshing Prose.

Cleanliness: A few passionate kisses.

Hero Type: Protector


Kai’s been ‘captured’ and taken to the Rampion, Thorne’s spaceship, in the previous book. Now, they formulate a plan and release him. Kai intends to tell Levana that he will accept her marriage proposal, but Levana is onto them. Meanwhile, Jacin returns to the Lunar palace and is reunited with Winter. He is assigned to be her personal guard by Levana. For what reason, no one can say. Things larger than any of them are set into motion. A revolution is in the making.


This book is truly a work of art. Marissa Meyer takes classic fairytales and turns them into something utterly amazing. This is probably my favorite book of the Lunar Chronicles, which is saying something. The twists and turns were awesome, especially since you already have expectations for the fairytales. The romance is, as always, incredible and sweet. If you think that the previous characters’ relationships will be neglected because they’ve already had their own book, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Each relationship has its own tension, its own sub-plot, and all the characters are unique and lovable. It was nice to see romance with something between the characters besides infatuation. Throughout the book, the characters make sacrifices, and you can tell that they’re love for each other is more than superficial.

I really, really love all of the characters, but Winter was probably my favorite. Winter is so sweet and compassionate, yet she’s also a bit crazy, since she refuses to use her Lunar gift to manipulate others. I really can’t help but admire her, and she and Jacin are so sweet together! I loved how he was so protective and attentive towards her. Marissa Meyer’s attention to detail is fantastic, her prose refreshing. The resolution was executed perfectly; it makes me want to go write a fan fiction 😉 All in all, I congratulate Marissa Meyer on a great series. This is definitely an impressive finale.


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Which of the Lunar Chronicles books was your favorite? Did you like how Marissa Meyers added a sci-fi twist to the fairytales? Who was your favorite character in the Lunar Chronicles? And are there any books like this that you’d recommend?

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  • Hannah
    April 25, 2016 - 2:09 pm · Reply

    I think it is an interesting idea to turn fairy tales into dystopian/science fiction adventures. The characters sound very unique, and the plots seem quite fast-paced and involved. Just out of curiosity, how closely does the author mirror the original fairy tales?

    • Elizabeth Newsom
      May 7, 2016 - 12:34 pm · Reply

      Very loosely. She usually uses some sort of plot twist to make it deviate from the original tale. But every now and then, you catch something that’s a part of the original fairytale.

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