Where would you move if you could go anywhere?
August 25, 2017

Since we’re on the topic of moving, where would you guys move if you could?If you could move anywhere, where would you go?

Favorite Candy, Questions
August 18, 2017

What are your favorite types of candies? Mine are: York Peppermint Patties, Whoppers, Junior Mints, and orange slices 🙂

Quill Pen Ink
June 30, 2017

If you wrote an autobiography, what would you title it? Here are a few ideas I’ve brainstormed for my own over the past year: The Pursuit of Excellence The Price of Success Exceptional Defying Mediocrity Loving Life Battle of the Wills Belief in Something Bigger Believing Bigger Driven Driven and Wisdom Inevitably Exceptional To Waste…

Life Advice
May 19, 2017

Last year, I heard several pieces of advice saying everyone should have a mentor. After I hear the same thing more the once, and I know it’s good advice, I have a general rule of following it. I now have several mentors: one for speech, four spiritual mentors, and a writing mentor. For spiritual mentors,…

Million Dollars Dollard BIll
May 10, 2017

A few days ago, I was parked at a gas station and found this: A million dollar bill doesn’t exist, though I didn’t know it at the time. I wondered if I should take it, and my first thought was: I can’t take this! It belongs to someone else, and I have a hunch they’re going to…

historical tradition modern
April 21, 2017

If you could make any historical tradition modern, what would it be? Social dancing? The concept of courting? Medieval tournaments?

Fantasy World
April 14, 2017

If you could come up with the name for a fantasy world, what would it be? Or if you’ve already come up with a name/invented a world, what is it?