Fantasy Fairytale YA
April 10, 2017

Genre: Fantasy Fairytale YA You’ll like this if you like: Sympathetic, Multi-Dimensional Villains, Evil Queens, a Heart-Breaking Backstory, or Tragedies. Cleanliness: Catherine, the future Queen of Heart, kisses a man while she’s being courted by the King, but she makes it explicitly clear to her cat, Cheshire, that should she ever get married, she intends…

YA Romantic Fantasy
March 27, 2017

Genre: YA Romantic Fantasy You’ll like this if you like: Stories Where Imperfections Become Strengths, an Unexpected Love Interest, or Addictive YA Novels. Cleanliness: It’s mentioned that Eliyana (the protagonist) was born outside of wedlock. Eliyana kisses two guys in the story—each once. But… for good reason (at least the second time). In fact, the reasons…

YA Fantasy Epic Medieval Jill Williamson
October 10, 2016

Genre: YA Fantasy You’ll like this if you like: A Classic Fantasy Adventure, a Girl Disguised as a Boy, Romance, or Telepathy. Cleanliness: The evil prince threatens to make a girl Achan likes into his mistress. Vrell, as you’ll later learn, has to bathe and go to the bathroom in privacy, since she’d a girl….

Historical biblical fiction novel
September 12, 2016

Genre: Historical Biblical Fiction   You’ll like this if you like: The Story of Esther, Assassins, Royal Life, or Unfulfilled Love.   Cleanliness: This is written by a Christian author, but a good deal of it is written in the harem. There’s mention of a lack of clothes (since women in the harem don’t really wear…

Historical Romance
May 2, 2016

Genre: Historical Romance You’ll like this if you like: Tension, Heart-wrenching Emotions, Whimsical Heroines, Noble, Protective Heroes, and an all around phenomenal story. Cleanliness: After the marriage ceremony, Mercy is waiting for him in their bedroom, and he comes in without any clothes on, but Mercy is whisked away before anything can happen. They kiss…

Snow White holding a glowing apple
April 25, 2016

Genre and Audience: Romantic Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopian for YA (Okay, so I couldn’t quite decide on the genre…) You’ll like this if you like: Diverse, Multi-Dimensional, Lovable Characters, Sweet Romance, Tension, Adventure, Speculative, Sci-Fi, Fairytales, Plot Twists, Romance with Love instead of Infatuation, Sweet, Compassionate, Slightly Crazy Heroines, Protective Heroes, and Refreshing Prose. Cleanliness: A few passionate kisses….

Dystopian Romance for Teens
April 4, 2016

Genre and Audience: Dystopian Romance Novel for Teens You’ll like this if you like: Princes and Princesses, Competitions, Romance, and a Feisty Heroine. Cleanliness: There is one questionable point where Maxon and America are (OBVIOUS SPOILER ALERT) positive they’re going to get married, so they almost… Ahem, do stuff together. But they don’t. Which is…

Cyborg Leg Dystopian Romance for Teens
March 28, 2016

Genre: Dystopian Romance for Teens You’ll like this if you like: YA Novels,  Tension, Sub-plots, Depth, Subtext, Incredible World-Building, Intrigue, Three Dimensional Characters (from Cinder to Queen Levana. Every one has something they want and a reason behind it). Cleanliness: As far as the romance, there’s one kiss. It was a great kiss, though only…