Book Review: Mercy’s Heart (Book 1 in the ChristKeepers) by Grace Walton

Genre: Historical Romance

You’ll like this if you like: Tension, Heart-wrenching Emotions, Whimsical Heroines, Noble, Protective Heroes, and an all around phenomenal story.

Cleanliness: After the marriage ceremony, Mercy is waiting for him in their bedroom, and he comes in without any clothes on, but Mercy is whisked away before anything can happen. They kiss a few times. Overall, I would say this is a clean romance (all of her books are).

Hero Type: Protector/Virtuous Hero


Mercy is the baseborn daughter of the king, raised in the nunnery by a cruel woman. To accept the prize money for a tournament, Titus, the Norseman, must marry her. Mercy thinks her life has taken a turn for the better, only to be dragged away on her wedding night by the man she was formerly betrothed to, but has never met. Until now.


Grace Walton has to be one of my favorite romance authors, and she writes romance that is so sweet, yet filled with tension. I can’t tell you how much I loved this book. When I first read the sample chapter, I passed onto something else, but a few months later I read it again and decided to try it. I’ve never regretted reading a single one of her books. And they’re free on kindle unlimited!


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So, what elements do your favorite historical romances have in them?

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  • WeknowEachother
    May 3, 2016 - 6:33 pm · Reply

    Great review Liz!
    Very interesting book!
    Favorite elements?
    1. Forbidden Relationships
    2. Love Triangles
    3. Tradgedy

    Yep, that list is very optimistic.

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