Book Review: A Time to Rise (Out of Time Series Book 3) by Nadine Brandes

Genre: YA Dystopian

You’ll like this if you like: An Inspiring Romance (#goals), Flawed, Lovable, Heroes, or Resurrection of Favorite Characters.

Cleanliness: N/A. I mean, they kiss… twice.

Hero Type: Virtuous Hero

Favorite Profound Quote:

“Learn to be a follower… It makes you a better leader.”

Favorite Descriptive Quote:

“Her voice is dark, as though she’s swallowed shadows and they tainted her sweetness.”

And later:

“‘They know.’ Willow speaks my very thoughts, only her voice is a hollow clipped thing

instead of the wind chimes it used to be.”

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From Amazon
What more can you sacrifice than your life?

Parvin Blackwater is dead.
At least that’s what the Council and the world thinks. But her sacrifice tore down part of the Wall long enough to stir up hope and rebellion in the people. Now she will rise again. Strong, free, and fearless.
Parvin and Solomon must uncover the mysterious clues that Jude left behind in order to destroy the projected Wall once and for all. Meanwhile, the Council schemes to new levels of technology in its attempts to keep the people contained. Can a one-handed Radical and a scarred ex-Enforcer really bring shalom to the world?

All the books in the series have covered an inspiring part of Parvin’s faith journey, and this book was no exception. Her spiritual journey was both inspiring and relatable. The characters were multi-dimensional, inspiring me with their examples, yet still very much human and flawed. And, of course, I adored Solomon and Parvin’s relationship. Parvin had to learn what it means to step back and let Solomon take charge. I suspect that this won’t came naturally for me either… I seriously loved Solomon. He was always a leader, yet he was also completely behind whatever Parvin tried to do. He was kind, compassionate, and his faith and reliability helped anchor Parvin. After what they’d been through previously, Solomon would have done almost anything to make sure they’re not separated again. The plot, as always, was interesting and kept me on my toes. I was never quite sure what to expect next. Being the last of the series, the book concluded beautifully, and its ending resonated with shalom.

Endings can be hard. What factors do you think determine a satisfactory ending? Have you ever struggled with your role in a relationship, like Parvin?

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  • Hannah
    October 31, 2016 - 3:08 pm · Reply

    Yes, I have definitely had trouble “stepping back.” I love to be productive and I am a natural leader, so it is hard to let someone else be in charge. At my old youth group, the pastor was trying to teach the guys to be leaders, so anytime someone was supposed to pray, read the Bible out loud, or set up the classroom or games, he only let the guys do it. His philosophy was that they should be stepping up to lead, and the girls should learn to let the guys be leaders. It drove me crazy. After all, I can read the Bible and carry tables just fine. Why shouldn’t I be able to help?

    Endings really are hard. I am struggling a lot with mine right now…

    • Elizabeth Newsom
      November 17, 2016 - 11:03 pm · Reply

      AHHHHHH. Okay, that drives me crazy just hearing about it 😉 It’s obviously something I struggle with too. I think it’s good for every Christian to have leadership opportunities. I just need to remember to step back SOMETIMES, especially recently.

      They are hard! I hope I can offer some valuable feedback that helps 🙂

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