Book Review: White (The Circle Series) by Ted Dekker

Genre: Speculative

You’ll like this if you like: Stories of Romance and Redemption.


Favorite Profound Quote:

“The  battle over flesh and blood cannot compare to the battle for the heart.”

Favorite Descriptive Quote:

“Her eyes were as white as the moon, but today the moon was on fire.”



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Time Is Running Out In Two Realities.

In one world, a lethal virus threatens to destroy all life as scientists and governments scramble to find an antidote. In the other, a forbidden love could forever destroy the ragtag resistance known as The Circle.
Thomas can bridge both worlds, but he is quickly realizing that he may not be able to save either.
In this mind-bending adventure, Thomas must find a way to rewrite history as he navigates a whirlwind of emotions and events surrounding a pending apocalypse.
The fate of two worlds comes down to one man’s choice–and it is a most unlikely choice indeed. Life. Death. Love. Nothing is as it seems. Yet all will forever be transformed by the decisions of one man in the final hours of the Great Pursuit.


Looking back on the previous books I’ve read in this series, I see it was all a romance. Action-packed romance with traveling between worlds and times, but a romance nonetheless. It’s about the importance of the Great Romance–“to love at any cost.”
The fantasy half of this story seems to be an allegory. There are the diseased people, the Horde, who refuse to follow Justin’s Way and drown as He did to be cured of their disease. But Justin still loves them passionately. Those who have drowned to follow Him are Justin’s bride, and those who haven’t are those who He’s still wooing.
These diseased people are pretty nasty–with breath like rotting eggs, pale, scabbing skin that flakes off, and dead, gray eyes. The love Justin has for these hideous people is overwhelming. His love is so pure, it’s nonsensical. He loves them not for their appearance or what He might gain from them. There’s nothing that they can do or have to make Justin love them–He just does.
When I was younger, I never understood how we are God’s bride. I couldn’t understand how someone could compare their relationship with God to something marital and romantic. I’m not claiming to completely understand this now, but I’m beginning to, and this book has given me a few more pieces of the puzzle.


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When have you been awed by God’s incredible love for us? How would you explain the comparison between the church’s relationship to God and the relationship of a bride to her groom?

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