• Out of Times Series YA Dystopian

    Book Review: A Time to Rise (Out of Time Series Book 3) by Nadine Brandes

    Genre: YA Dystopian You’ll like this if you like: An Inspiring Romance (#goals), Flawed, Lovable, Heroes, or Resurrection of Favorite Characters. Cleanliness: N/A. I mean,… { keep reading }

  • Writing Hannah Phelps

    The Power of Darkness: Your Vulnerability is Your Story’s Strength

    Today’s guest post is by Hannah, a fellow blogger and fantasy writer on Lands Uncharted. Hannah is an incredible, analytical, and passionate writer (I go… { keep reading }

  • Despair God Encouragement

    Silencing the Voices of Despair

    Writing is hard. There are so many days when despair claws at me, trying to drag my spirit down. As I write, I often think… { keep reading }

  • Book Review Medieval Romance

    Book Review: A Lady of Fire by Tamara Leigh

    Genre: Medieval Romance   You’ll like this if you like: Foreign Worlds, Feisty, Red-Headed Heroines, and an Intense Alpha Hero.   Cleanliness: The story begins in… { keep reading }

  • Blogger Writer Pursue Magazine Tap Into Your Potential Literature Approved Accelerate the Jesus Movement

    Interview of Rayleigh Gray, Blogger and Writer

    Today, I’d like to introduce my first interviewee today, Rayleigh Gray, both a blogger and a writer. Rayleigh is a graduate from homeschool, manages two… { keep reading }

  • Writing, Romance

    How To Write A Cliché Romance Novel

      Have you ever wanted to write a typical, not-so-extraordinary romance novel? It’s simple, really. All you have to do is create the primary characters,… { keep reading }

  • Season YA Fantasy

    Book Review: Snow Like Ashes and Ice Like Fire (Snow Like Ashes series) by Sara Raasch

    Genre: YA Fantasy You’ll like this if you like: Winter, Seasons, Magic, and Relatable Character Arcs Cleanliness: Towards the end of the first book, a… { keep reading }

  • genre poll

    Poll: Post-Apocalyptic or Dystopian?

    Of these two genres, post-apocalyptic and dystopian, which do you prefer? Do You Prefer Post-Apocalyptic or Dystopian? . . .

  • God Music

    2016 Election Playlist

    I turn 18 just in time to vote this year. Yay. I’m tempted to call this a curse, but I know God doesn’t do things by… { keep reading }

  • YA Fantasy Epic Medieval Jill Williamson

    Book Review: Blood of Kinds Trilogy by Jill Williamson

    Genre: YA Fantasy You’ll like this if you like: A Classic Fantasy Adventure, a Girl Disguised as a Boy, Romance, or Telepathy. Cleanliness: The evil… { keep reading }

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